MemoryPAT and MemoryPAT-Blu


Battery Powered Portable Appliance Tester with

Display & Memory


Test results downloadable to PC or Android device

Tele-Products Ltd

Manufactured by Tele-Products Ltd

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Northminster Business Park

York, YO26 6QT



The MemoryPAT-Blu comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless transfer of PAT test results.


The FREE Android app "PATRec" supplied by First Stop Safety, and available for download from the Play Store, works in tandem with the Bluetooth enabled MemoryPAT-Blu. This allows you to very easily transfer, amend and annotate all your PAT test results wirelessly.


For example, if the appliance being tested has a serial number, this can be entered into the Android App. If the appliance has a bar-code then this can be read using the App. This will save time during testing.


PATRec Android App

Bluetooth button


Enables built-in Bluetooth transmitter to send results to Android device

MemoryPAT User manual

MemoryPAT-Blu Data sheet