MemoryPAT and MemoryPAT-Blu


Battery Powered Portable Appliance Tester with

Display & Memory


Test results downloadable to PC or Android device

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How is the MemoryPAT different from the BattPAT?


Power ON test checks that the appliance is switched ON


- This is important as PAT testing must be carried out with the appliance switched ON

Long lead button going up in 5 metre steps up to 50 metres


-  The BattPAT has three bands for long leads. Up to 10 metres, from 10 mtres to 25 metres and from 25 metres upto 40 metres. The memoryPAT is a lot more accurate as it goes up in 5 metre steps all the way to 50 metres.

Insulation testing at 500V and 250V for surge protected appliances


 -  Testing surge protected extension leads at 500V only can lead to false fails. The MemoryPAT follows the IEE Code of Practice and allows the Insulation Resistance test to be carried out at 250V as well.

Test results shown on a large attractive display


-  As well as showing a PASS or a FAIL, the MemoryPAT gives an actual reading as well. This can be useful when analysing failures

Storage of 2000 results in memory with easy recall


- With the BattPAT the test results are not stored. It is possible to recall the last 2000 test results on the MemoryPAT.

Download to PC


- A FREE download utility is provided to transfer test results to the PC.


Bluetooth Connectivity


- MemPAT-Blu uses Bluetooth to pass the test results to an Android App.


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